02 June 2013

up home

Returning from a weekend up north with a stash of lovely images on my camera and a full belly - not to mention leftovers. The rhubarb's coming in and the lilacs are blooming. My parents got a batch of new chicks. Some egg laying hens and some for our freezers in the fall.

My niece stayed out on the farm with us on Saturday night, so we had the privilege of chasing her around. She now knows how to open most doors (locks don't stop her), so we are all on watch to make sure she didn't run off chasing the kitty when we weren't looking.

We all thought she would love the baby chicks (and she did come around) but initially she took one look at her mother holding a baby chick and said quite firmly.

"Put it down."

We made rhubarb dessert, the kind with the yellow cake mix and heavy cream. You can't beat that one, it tastes like it took more work than it did, and it keeps really well in the fridge.  Just make sure to bake it long enough, mine got a bit flat in the middle.

We need to get all of that yarn updated to our shop. And I promise I will over the next couple of days. The handspun above is from the colorful batts that I had up last post. Ashley was true to her word and had it all spun up. She plied the colorful yarn with some of our creamy combed top. We all agreed that the combination made the flecks of color from the mohair pop more.

Hope you are all enjoying a relaxing Sunday evening and that lilacs are blooming nearby.


  1. I love it when you talk about life on the farm - makes me appreciate it even more. Sharing it with our little Hannah keeps the memories alive.

  2. She'll be running it someday . . .

  3. These posts are bliss, Jill! I love the feeling of seeing snapshots into your life--whether it be in your home or up on the farm. Her boots and hat are darling :)


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