16 November 2011


The days are getting chilly here in Minnesota. This morning we woke to temperatures in the low 20s. Colder weather is on its way. Today I bundled myself in wool before I walked to my train stop. Wool sweater, wool coat, wool hat.

The cap above is a gift for a newborn cousin. This pattern is simple and snugly, perfect for an infant in November.

07 November 2011

november wind

We went up home this weekend to spend time with family and relax. We did get to spend the time with family, but there wasn't much relaxing that occurred. Not only was my parents' house packed with loved-ones and friends, but this was the weekend I set aside to do our wedding invitations.

Luckily there were lots of helping hands.

The project shown above was knit by my cousin Ashley using some yarn my mother spun. It was hand painted (using the guide of a 6 foot table for color segment length in four primary colors.)

The result is a lovely yarn that strips for hats or socks. This particular hat is for our little niece, Hannah. Nice work Ash and Mom.

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