26 December 2014

december days

Here's an assortment of photos showing how we've spent this December. There have been trees and cookies and lots of knitting.

We had a great time decorating the tree and discovering ornaments we made decades ago. The one above is one my husband made when he was just a boy. I love the old glitter and glue.

Well, still only two stockings next to the tree this year. Here's hoping we can add an additional one before this time next year.

I didn't get my Christmas wish . . .

Sending love:


10 December 2014

let it snow

It's kinda weird, but I only like listening to holiday music when I'm riding in the car with my husband. I told him that the other day (as we were driving) and he thought it was funny.

"Why" he asked me. "Didn't you always like Christmas music growing up?"

"Yah," I said, "but I really like sharing it with you, because Christmas has become so special to me now that we're together."
One thing I haven't told him is that there are certain holiday songs that I consider to be "our" holiday songs. I don't think this is too off the wall considering that we got engaged in December one year and married in the January of the next. Some of the most important events in our connected lives have revolved around the holidays.

Christmas trees make me think of my wedding dress and the sparkling gold and silver shoes that I wore on my wedding day (that killed my feet) but they were so pretty. Totally worth it.

Happy December!

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