16 June 2013

farm roads

The grassy road above is my favorite road in the whole world. It leads to a shady forest with a lazy stream (and a bunch of ticks this time of year) - as well as a vast collection of childhood memories and stories. Somewhere out there is a time capsule my cousins and I buried and lost the map to and weedy campfire rings that haven't been used for almost a decade, but they're still out there waiting - possibly for the grandkids to discover and use again.

What a lovely weekend here. You couldn't ask for better weather today. A breeze is tossing the tree tops around and lacy clouds are moving over in slow motion. I have a rhubarb crisp in the oven and the whole house smells like cinnamon spice.

I'm expecting Garrett home any minute and we'll be grilling and hanging out in the back yard. Maybe we'll have a fire later on and get caught up on the events of the past two weeks as the sun sets. Is it Monday already tomorrow? Feels like the weekend should be starting now.


  1. Nice selvedges on your weaving project, love the colors too. Scarf?

    1. thanks! Yes, it's going to be a scarf.

  2. All of these pictures make me happy! So vibrant and beautiful! I'm sure you're so happy to have Garrett home!


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