06 June 2013

round + round we go

 Is it really only a little after one in the afternoon on a Thursday, and I'm posting a blog? Yeehaw. I wrapped things up early at work and was able to come home after lunch. My husband is currently out of state doing some training for the Army National Guard, so that means I have the entire house to myself.

The tea kettle and I are going to have a lovely afternoon.

Here's what's currently spinning on my wheel. I'm looking for large color transitions here, that's why you can see that blocks of color in the combed top. The finished yarn is intended for the loom and I'm just itching to get it set up. It may be a late night.

Aqua blue. This shade of blue and I have been flirting around for a while. I need to make something out of it so that I can flash it around town.

I have an audio novel that I'm listening to this afternoon, Becoming Jane Eyre. It should put me in the mood for spinning yarn and reading spooky 19th century gothic tales.

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