23 August 2012

we've got your fiber fix

Crosby Hill Farm is now on Etsy:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/CrosbyHillFarm.

I started a baby sweater with the Rooster Booster yarn that I spun a few weeks ago.

Some garter stitch . . . lovely bursts of color. 

There's a couple of hanks waiting for you on esty!

Check us out.

12 August 2012

camping with pirates

The big family get together was a wild rumpus of laughter, sunshine and game playing. Perfect weather allowed us to splash in the lake, sit up around the campfire and eat, eat, eat for two straight days. We came home tired and smelling of campfire smoke, but also recharged from family fun.

I jammed my ring finger playing volleyball . . . so I haven't been getting much knitting or blogging done, but it's healing up and I've been finishing some projects.

Red is always a good choice for buttons.

And kitchen items.

"Killer Tomatoes" combed top (80% cvm romeldale, 20% mohair) from Crosby Hill Farm.

More fiber.

All done!

04 August 2012

all the socks I've knit before

We're going camping this weekend, so I need something little that I can bring along to knit while we're sitting along the lake and around the camp fire.

I've been working on this project for a while: the "Barn-Raising Quilt" from Knitalong.

Here's to reconnecting with aunts and uncles and cousins (not to mention the kids of cousins) and relaxing in the north woods.
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