24 September 2010

half a mitt knit

I've been so busy lately, my knitting has been forced to the fringes of my life. Hopefully I'll find some time this weekend to start on the other mitt.

20 September 2010

a litte B & E

I have this book titled Normal is just a setting on the Dryer by Adair Laura and it's filled with helpful tidbits on life. It contains wise sayings such as:

Wine, heavy cream, and salt can make you look like a genius in the kitchen.
Give the people you love some slack.
Never pass up on a opportunity to pee.
Blame your parents and get on with your life.
Perms are always a bad idea.
Never dive into anything if you can't see the bottom.
Your mother isn't always right, but a lot of the time, she is.
Always know how to break into your own house.

Do you know how to break into yours? I had to break into mine tonight. I think the lock must be sticking or something, because there I was, after twelve hours in the studio, dying for a beer and the sofa, and I couldn't get the front door open.

I also have a key for the back door of the house . . . but the screen door was locked. THE SCREEN DOOR WAS LOCKED, people. No matter, I teetered into the flower beds with my high heeled boots and bent myself into a shape a contortionist would have gawked at and finally got into the house.

I went straight to the fridge to grab a cold beer, but someone forgot to restock the beer after they took the last one. Huh, I guess sometimes life works out that way.
P.S. I'm using some of the yarn in the image above to knit myself a pair of cabled mitts for winter. More images to follow.

02 September 2010

a welcome letter

Dear New Roomie,

We are happy to have you here. At first we couldn't decide if we liked you. You talk a lot and disrupt our places on the sofa. You move our toys from their rightful place in the middle of the hardwood floors and put them in wicker baskets.

You distract the boy who should be petting and talking to us . . . instead he is talking to you and shooing us off of the tables that used to be our territory.

Still, you've brought interesting things into the house. Baskets full of yummy smelling fiber. We like to roll in it and shred it into bits. Our favorite toys are now the balls of yarn you bring into the house.

We like to find balls that are small enough to carry around from hiding place to hiding place, never mind the fact that in the morning you wake up to yarn wound around the legs of all of the furniture.

It's fun to watch the boy crawl around on all fours winding it up before you notice. This could be an exciting new game.

We would tell you that we like the way you clean our litter boxes on a regular basis, but that is beneath us, of course.

As long as you know your place in the this house and rightfully respect ours (purr) and as long as you keep bringing us yummy new fiber -- we heard something about angora rabbits the other day -- we will allow you to stay and not mess with your knitting.

At least not very much.


Furball and Chewy
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