31 May 2013

fiber love

We got out the wool carder last time I was home and started to blend an assortment of dyed CVM Romeldale wool with some dyed mohair. Ashley made some lovely batts of fiber that she promised to spin up soon. (Hope that's true!) I'd forgotten how much fun it is to blend different fiber types. You kinda get stuck in a rut with one means and methods and just go with that - you know what I mean?

It's nice when something new presents itself.

I have to blend some batts for myself soon. I'll be making another quick trip up to the farm this weekend for yet another wedding. My brother is visiting from Philadelphia, so we will be pulling out all the stops. By that I mean, we will have multiple fish fries (if the river provides) and sit long through the morning hours chatting with cups of coffee.

I'm looking forward to it all.

That's my dad on his tractor in one of the images above. He was cleaning out the sheep barn last time I was home and spreading the manure on the cornfield. I'm happy that I caught his black angus beef cows in the shot, as well. Those girls are skittish! Details about his small herd can be found here. I don't want to upset anyone, but my parent's farm is a working farm and we do love our grilling - especially when it's an ethically raised, downright wholesome product.

Happy Friday, everyone - hope you get your grills fired up!


  1. It is true! I spun them on yesterday and they turned out awesome!

    1. I can't wait to see it! How did you ply it? What will you use it for?

  2. I plied it with some 80/20 combed top. This brought out all the colors to light! I am hoping to make a scarf to keep me warm. :)

  3. Hi JIllian, these colors are so pretty.


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