27 June 2013

weaving project #4

Tying off some loose ends here. It feels good to wrap something up and clean up my workspace for what's coming next. I'm not sure what I'm going to be working on, but there are several unfinished projects lurking in the corners of our house.

I found another wooden fence to snap photos of. I've discovered that I have a fondness for wooden fences. The more distressed the better - and if it's tangled with vines and flowers it's even better than that.

I think this weaving project is the softest project I've made to date. I didn't weave it very tight, and then when I was finished with it I placed it in the washing machine with cold water and a little soup for under a minute of agitation. It really helped "puff" out the fiber. It filled into itself and now it's soft with a flexible drape.

I can't wait to wear it - in November. (Actually, I can wait.)

We're gearing up for the weekend and then the holiday after that. Hope you all had a good day.


  1. Your weaving project is utterly gorgeous! You do some amazing things with wool.

  2. I agree with Adrianne - beautiful colors. The peapod and salad look crispy and delicous...

  3. My nan used to do a lot of weaving - she would gave loved this scarf as do I - beautiful colours.


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