08 June 2013

miss elephant

I'm loving this golden shade of yellow today. I seem to be catching flashes of it out of the corner of my eye everywhere where I look. The sun is sometimes bright and sometimes dull, and then it flashes bright again across the rooftop of my neightbor's house.

I've been up since six. I'd intended to sleep in, but the bright sun woke me (and since we haven't seen it for what feels like weeks) I was up and out of bed, in the garden and in the studio. Who needs sleep when there is so much to be done?

As you can see I have a new design in the hoop. I've been thinking about elephants for a while. An elephant is the symbol of mental strength and clarity in Hindu mythology. They represent honor and attract all forms of wealth - spiritual, emotional, and physical. I've always thought of elephants as strong and patient - and kinda goofy.

I love all of the illustrations of elephants that people have put out there. They are so colorful and full of patterns and light. An elephant's form can be drawn in so many ways and still shout "I'm and elephant, folks!"

This "Miss Elephant" is going to go on another pillow. I plan on using the elephant print fabric as well. My next pillow is going to have some sort of buttons or snaps so that the inner pillow can be removed for ease of washing. I guess I'd better learn to sew button holes.

Still spinning the yarn. More of our combed top can be found here. (We have some shades with golden yellow.) I have another 4 ounces of fiber to spin before I can start weaving. I probably won't be starting that until me and Miss Elephant have wrapped things up.

Happy weekend, everyone.

P.S. All of the flowers in the arrangement came from our garden. No sooner had I made the decision not to go digging up all my neighbor's irises then my own irises (which I thought were all pale yellow) started blossoming out into the rich purples and golds that I had been admiring in my previous post.

More encouragement to honest . . . and patient.

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  1. It's been raining here since 6:30 this morning. Maybe a fifteen minute break here or there. Your bright colors in this blog gave me the get up and go to get some fun things done today. I just finished making some rhubarb jam (yum, I love fresh jelly and toast) and I'm working on my favorite rhubarb desert to share with Gramma and Grampa with our burgers for supper tonight. You know, the one with the buttery crust and meringue top. I was going to settle in and read, but you inspired me with your recent pictures to take sit down and spin some - I'm working on some purple top - lots of different shades, looks like the lilac bush right out the kitchen window. It's raining - it's pouring...


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