31 October 2011

witches instead of flowers

This is what happens when you don't water your plants for the entire month of October. The trick-or-treaters have enjoyed this display.

Happy Halloween everyone!

12 October 2011

lace + wire lanterns

Late last week I went on a field trip that was long overdue for me. I visited the Minnesota Textile Center here in Minneapolis. My fiber buddies have been talking about the center for years, about its classes, its library, its collection of knowledge about Minnesota's textile heritage.

The place was not overrated. On my visit I found a wealth of opportunities for the fiber enthusiast . . . and when I have more time I plan on taking some of them myself.

These images are of an installation in the main gallery of the center by an artist named Kristina Fjellman. Her installation piece was a large orb of wire and lace lit from within. The textures of the fabric and the contrast between the fiber and metal combined to make a tactile and delicate piece that I wanted to hold in my hand and just stare into.

I wanted to study all of the patterns on the tiny ovals of fabric that were hand-stitched into this piece. Very well-crafted.

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