29 June 2013

daisy & delphinium

We woke up to no power again this morning and really considered pulling the covers up over our heads and sleeping all day, but then our alarm clock started flashing about an hour later so we decided to do something with ourselves.

Today was a garden and yard day. The lawn got mowed and the garden got weeded. The delphiniums and daisies are blooming. The delphiniums are so loaded with blossoms that I had to stake and tie them in place. They really look good against the red wall of our kitchen.

(This photo setup is becoming a trend here - same red wall, different flowers.)

I'm back to work on the embroidery project. We stopped at a craft store tonight and I picked up a pillow insert and a zipper. I'm considering this embroidery project pillow 2.0. I'm going to sew it together with a zipper so that the insert can be removed for ease of washing.

Have a great weekend.

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