23 June 2013

candlelit summer nights

We haven't had power here since Friday night.

A storm blew through our neighborhood with some pretty powerful straight-line winds that took down two trees in the neighbor's yard directly across the street from us and blew transformers and fractured power grids across the city. The word around the neighborhood is that we won't be getting power back until (if we're lucky) this Wednesday.

Thank you Mom and Dad for the generator. Right now we have it plugged in to our fridge and freezer, the neighbor's fridge and both Garrett and my computers. We're probably pushing it, but it really is amazing how much a little generator that runs on one gallon of gas for 6-8 hours can power so much stuff.

This makes me think about all the superfluous stuff that I have "plugged in" to my life that I probably don't need. I really missed my computer though - not to mention the crisp, cool fridge.

Well, we're hanging tough around here - we still are kinda finding the candlelight romantic. I don't know how long that will last, but I'm really grateful for all of the city crews working 16 hour shifts to clear away the trees and re-connect the power and get our lives back on track.

Thank you.


  1. these photos capture summer so very well

    1. thanks - it's Minnesota in after a rainstorm . . . looks like we're going to have more "weather" tonight.


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