16 December 2011

be merry

The wall of pictures behind our Christmas tree grows far faster than the presents stacked beneath it, which is very much in balance with how we see the holidays: as a time for family and friends.

Only a few more presentations and exams for me and then I'm off for the holidays to kick up my feet in the glittering snow (if we're lucky enough to get any here in Minnesota) and walk down the aisle at my wedding.

Lots of knitting to do. Lots of crafting, baking and gift-making.

My mother gave Garrett and I this owl ornament last season. She designed and made it herself. Each family got to choose their own ornament off of my parents' tree. I guess I always go for red.

Glass, glitter and candle light - what's on my coffee table at this very moment. Beside it is a steaming mug of mint tea and a soon-to-be finished sock for my soon-to-be husband.

11 December 2011

in the spirit

We put our tree up a few weeks ago, but this is the first chance I've gotten to snap a photo of it. We cut it down ourselves - well, I guess I shouldn't say "we" Garrett did all the work - but I had a hand in selecting which tree to bring home.

I think we were surprised when we got it home and realized how short and squat it was, but it's good to have a tree with personality. (Right, Charlie Brown?)

Somehow, I've also found the time to cast on a few stitches . . . Hopefully this project will show up under the tree . . . that is if I can find enough time to knit in the days leading up to Christmas.

The yarn is Paton's Stripes, something I'd forgotten I had, but I rediscovered it along with our cat when she drug segments of it around the house and got it tangled around the legs of our furniture both upstairs and down. Better to knit it up into something useful.

This year we've got baskets of pine cones all around. Some of them will go for wedding decorations, others will be packed away for next year. I have a hard time tossing away a well-blossomed pine cone.

Hope your holiday is bright!
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