25 June 2013

happy summer

The summer already seems like it's flying by and it's only the first week. We're back on track after the storm. Our electricity came on just as I was getting home from work yesterday. We've been trying to get caught up on cleaning up the yard and the house now that we've got more than just "people" power.

I'm almost done with my current weaving project. I just have to find the time to tie off loose ends and put on the finishing touches. This week is going to be a busy one, because we're trying to wrap up a project at work before the holiday next week.

Isn't the opening opening shot lovely? (I'm not trying to brag on myself - it's just the flower surprised me when I sat down at my computer to do some editing.) It's geometry calls to mind a stained glass window, or the fragile structure of a snowflake.

I love surprises like that image.

Just when you think you "know" what everything looks like - you realize you don't. That's a good thing in my opinion.


  1. Seriously stunning!

  2. Where is the agree button? That first shot is beautiful. Glad that your neighborhood has power again.


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