29 May 2014

hi bree

We got our dog - meet Bree! I can't thank Pat, Sara, Amy and especially Mary from Minnesota Sheltie Rescue enough for all of the time and care they put into matching Garrett and I with a dog. What a great group of passionate and caring people, I wish I dealt with more people like them on a daily basis. Being matched with a dog was a little like the real adoption process, there was an interview process and a home visit. These people really care that the dogs they work with get a good home.

Bree is helping to turn our home into a much happier place. I can't describe how rewarding it is to open the door to a smiling, goofy dog. You just can't help but smile yourself and be a bit goofy. Bree needs a lot of training. She's unfamiliar with walks on a leash and a lot of the basic commands. I'm giving her space to settle in, but we've already started to work on the leash training. Last night we got as far as the community garden. I'm hoping we can get to the walking paths along the river soon, but that will depend a lot on Bree.

I've pulled out some new yarn to start a project, not sure what yet, but something will appear on the needles soon. 

I hope you are all having a good week. The weekend is very near!

23 May 2014

sunny afternoon

This week it's been absolutely beautiful around here. I took at walk on Tuesday night and visited a stand of tulips that have been shouting out to me (alongside the road) on my drive in to work. I'm glad I "got them" before they dropped their petals.

Last night Garrett and I went to meet a dog. We're thinking about adopting a sheltie/collie mix from an sheltie rescue group in our area. It's taken me a long time to get Garrett to come around to the idea of having a dog, he is a "cat person." Now that we've started to reach out and meet perspective puppies I can see him coming around - we're both coming around. It feels like I'm coming back to myself in a lot of ways. I don't know how I lived so long with out a dog. It's been three years since my Siberian Husky - Cree - passed. I can't believe I've gone that long without a walking buddy.

I'm already thinking about meals for this holiday weekend. There's going to be a lot of grilling and maybe it's time to whip up a batch of my favorite deviled eggs.

I finished my socks, just in time for summer! (Isn't that the way it always goes? Oh well.) I'm re-reading "A Room With a View." I forgot how wonderful that book is. (Almost on par with Jane Austen, almost.)

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday.



17 May 2014

shepherd's harvest

It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend here in Minnesota. We hope to see you in Stillwater at the Washington County Fairgrounds for Shepherd's Harvest. Crosby Hill Farm will have a stand, please stop by and say hello and check out our fleeces, natural and dyed combed top, hand-painted yarns and mohair.

Happy knitting and spinning everyone!



13 May 2014

north shore

This past weekend Garrett and I took a surprise trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior. We decided to go late Friday night and booked the reservation then. I had no expectations - just the desire to get away. The trip turned out to be a wonderful experience.

It was 70 degrees on the shore. We couldn't believe it. There I was dressed in layers and flannel and we had to start shedding layers - we both got a little sun. We stayed at Pine Cove Lodge in Beaver Bay, MN, which is just south of Silver Bay. (I love that name.) The only other people at the resort seemed to be a wedding party - other than that Garrett and I had the entire cove (and what felt like the lake) to ourselves. I needed this trip. I lived for seven years in Duluth, MN. For seven years I had the lake on my back doorstep - that wonderful view that you can lose yourself in. And the sound of the water . . .

This was not the way Garrett and I hoped to spend Mother's Day this year - we'd hoped for a little one squalling in the backseat. It was hard and bittersweet for me. A day I can't celebrate . . . yet. The lake and those old, old stones comforted me.

Garrett and I will come back to this place and walk along the shore with our child someday.

That's a promise.

04 May 2014

yarn rainbow


I made it up to the farm this weekend to help my mom and sister with some fiber painting. We're trying to get a full spectrum of colors for Shepherd's Harvest. Lots of busy work to do! Everything still needs to be labeled and then packed up for the big show.

Even the little ones love hugging and carrying around the fiber - as you can see. Good old Jack was exhausted by all the hustle-bustle and slept in the sun for most of the day.
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