17 April 2011

caught barefoot

I woke to a dusting of snow on the rooftops yesterday morning, which wasn't exactly a jump start to the weekend. Work in the garden didn't get accomplished as I'd anticipated, and, luckily, the few flowers I had planted (some colorful pansies and mint) seemed to not mind the frosty coating of snow on their leaves.

Prior to this cold front (which is probably normal for this region) we here in Minnesota had been experiencing a warm front that brought out our flip flops and sandals. The more daring crowd even got out their shorts for a jaunt in the sunshine.

We should have know it wouldn't last for long. April in Minnesota can sometimes be like the rest of the country's March. (In like a lion and out like a lamb and everywhere in between before a break in the calendar.)

As you can see, I was caught barefoot.
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