04 May 2013


It's always a good thing, when my husband reads my blog, and it has taken some time to get him to come around and check it regularly without my prompting. I guess he isn't naturally interested in knitting, flowers and fiber, but he is interested in me.

Sometimes the blog can backfire though, for instance when a husband sees chocolate cupcakes on it that he thinks look yummy and that should be made that night. Then ensued the mad flurry of making cupcakes on Wednesday night. We were out of vanilla, but our neighbor came to the rescue. These are the same cupcakes in my previous post and I topped them with a cream cheese frosting. They were as fantastic as I remembered, a real 'pick me up' with this looming cold and dismal weather.

Went for a walk on Thursday to see what I could see. The tulips are out, but they were in total protection mode - petals closed against the impending threat of snow and frost. Still pretty. Only the hardy succulents are hazarding to expose themselves to the weak sunlight. Maybe the collected thermal heat from the rocks keeps them warm at night?

As you can see, the embroidery project is coming along, I should finish it this weekend. I'm just looking for the right fabric to edge it with and the perfect frame.

1 comment:

  1. Your embroidery turned out beautiful. I'm sure you're out in the garden today - it's so nice out!!


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