27 May 2013

hello sheeps

Ashley and I made an impromptu visit to the farm yesterday afternoon - I swung by her place and picked her up on the way north. Once there we met up with our nieces, grandma and rest of the family.

My niece had on a yellow hoodie that my sister wore as a child. My mom tied the hood up and I had a flashback to my childhood. Suddenly, I was looking at my sister as a little girl instead of her daughter. My niece has her father's grin, however, so I couldn't imagine she was my sister for long. She has too much of her own personality. What a little trickster!

We played around with pots, pans and dye. I wanted to see if I could dye fiber to transition in color, instead of having random color placement, so I used some rectangular pans and placed the fiber in them "accordion-style" and then poured the dye on in strips. Turned out pretty neat. Hopefully it spins up like I want it to. I plan on using these for some more weaving projects.

Can't let the loom get dusty.

Oh yah, I'm going to finish my lace cowl today. I only have a few rows left. Then I can block it and see how it looks. I've never made a cowl before, or worn one.

Hope you all are having a fantastic Memorial Day.


  1. It was wonderful to have you all home yesterday afteroon - the house turned into a whirlwind of creative ideas, color, reminiscing and laughter. Get togethers like these are extra special - it's not everyday my mom, myself, my daughters and my granddaughters enjoy an "impromtu" visit.

  2. I know . . . those days are always the best. I always leave recharged and renewed. Love you ladies.


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