12 May 2013

thank you

I just wanted to thank all of our wonderful supporters (and customers) for such a successful Shepherd's Harvest for Crosby Hill Farm - and I want to give another shout out to the hard-working people who organized the weekend. They had to choreograph animals and vendors and make sure the right sheep and the right vendor ended up in the right place.

And it felt like most of them did.

I took a quick stroll around with my camera yesterday afternoon and tried to capture some of the 'flavor' of the event. None of the alpacas would strike a pose for me, but several of the vendors let me take photos of their wonderful work. I really like the needle felted turtles above. They definitely need to be stacked.

The top shot is some handspun Ashely and I spun up at turbo-speed over Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. It was a sampling of fiber from many of the shops at the festival. There was some angora bunny, alpaca, every breed of wool imaginable - in all shades imaginable - all packed into a plastic bag and free to spin for anyone who was willing to donate the finished product to a silent action, the proceeds of which went to a worthy cause.

Adventures all around.

I also want to thank all of the kind people who told me that they read my blog - thank you.

Thank you, so much. 


  1. I really like those turtles, I missed them in my (many) rounds through the buildings. I'm glad that you and Ashley enjoyed your weekend also. Thank you for taking the time to visit with me--it's nice to catch up, even if just once a year. I can't wait to get Radar's fleece washed soon.

  2. Thanks to you Jill, for all the creative ways you share our farm's wool and yarns through your blog and on etsy. You and Ashley deserve a special thank you for running our booth as I left sick early Sat morning and didn't return til closing time on Sunday. You did a wonderful job, just hope you two have warmed up by now. Thanks also to Jenny for all the hours spent helping me with colorways, labeling and displaying our wool - to Nick for making me the beautiful sock yarn display, and especially to Dad for the countless hours he spends keeping the sheep comfy, cozy and well fed. This truly is a "family affair" and I feel so blessed to have such a special family.


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