06 May 2013

red letter day

Red letter day: In earlier times a church festival or saint's day; more recently, any special day.

I stepped out my door on Sunday looking for shades of green in the landscape and instead discovered a variety of shades of red in the bud blossoms and flowering bulbs of my neighborhood.

Maple blossoms. I've always been a fan. I think its surprising to discover this vibrant shade of red in the spring - a teaser of what's yet to come in the fall. All of the maple trees that I came across on my walk were in other people's yards, otherwise I would have clipped a few branches and brought them home for our table.

The soup is one of my sister's favorites, it's called hardy lentil soup and it's loaded with lentils, barley, carrots, rosemary and oregano. The entire house smelled like rosemary and oregano on Saturday afternoon - and the leftovers have kept us through today.

1 comment:

  1. Maple trees were always one of my favorites, too! The prettiest in the fall and the first to unfurl in the spring! I love seeing the process of your Grit sampler :)


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