18 May 2013

some sparkle

What may seem like a collection of random photos summarizes my day today. An assortment of textures and images from the studio and garden. I'm working on some new yarn - a combination of novelty yarn with sparkles and our dark brown top. I'm not sure what I'll use the yarn for, but there's always a place for sparkle in our lives, right?

I found the pinecones on one of my walks last week. They were all just perfect, strewn across the sidewalk. I filled up my purse and carried them home. I'm not sure pinecones really shout 'it's summer!' but I love their crisp and delicate edges.

Dried poppy heads. These friends have sat on my desk all winter long. Last week I went to bed with the window open and the wind blew over the vase. I woke up to a scattering of poppy seeds across my work. I carefully gathered them up - poppy seeds are one of the smallest seeds that I know - and planted them in the garden.

With any luck they'll grow and keep us company all summer.

1 comment:

  1. I love posts like this--a smattering of photos that depict a day in the life of Jill :) Beautiful. I also love the idea of you carrying home all those pine cones. I did something similar last fall. Got some funny looks at the kiddy park!


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