17 April 2013


What warms you from the inside out? I guess part of what my answer to that question is shown here. Good food, our home grown wool, a good story to spur my imagination. I got out of work a few hours early yesterday and hit the grocery store, took a long walk around my neighborhood and then started chopping, sauteing and seasoning in the kitchen.

The lentil and vegetable soup above comes from Deborah Madison's Vegetable Soups cookbook - an old standby in my kitchen. It called for a dash of cumin and a few dashes of turmeric, spices to warm your belly and heart on a cold, grey day like today. The spices also make the soup a rich yellow color. (On a side note, you can also use turmeric as a natural dye for fiber, something I've wanted to try, but never have.)

Good books, good books. I snapped a quick photo of my mother's bookshelf when I was up at the farm this weekend. I would recommend all of the books in the image. The yarn above was also a result of our creative efforts over the weekend. We'll post these new additions to our shop soon. We're looking ahead to Shepherd's Harvest Festival in May. We'll be selling our fleeces, fiber, top and yarn.


  1. Love the bright cheerful dyed yarn and recipe recommendation. Looking forward to seeing you at Shepherd's Harvest--any chance you are selling prints of that lovely sheep art above?

    1. Thanks, Tracy. It will be good to see you at Shepherd's Harvest. Thanks also for the nice comment about the painting, I made it for my mom for her birthday a few years ago. I was taking a watercolor class at the time. Maybe someday we'll sell some of our illustrations, but the compostition for this piece came from an image online of some sheep, so I wouldn't feel comfortable making prints of it - I would want it to be all my own. I loved painting the warm yellow-orange straw at the time and whenever I see the painting on my mom's bookshelf it makes me think of the cozy and safe barn.


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