04 April 2013

fields + flowers + sunshine

I took the time today to just sit in the sun and soak up the sunshine. The last few days have been quiet and slow-paced as I heal up. Usually I take little colds in stride, but this one, for some reason, has got me more down than most. I feel that I'm on the rebound, though. A good night's sleep and I'll be ready for the weekend.

I started a new project today, an embroidery pattern by Charlotte Lyons. I had to check out a few books from the library on embroidery so that I would know how to more than a straight running stitch. I'm learning French knots, chain stitches and blanket stitches - this project is a good way to test out all of these techniques and really learn them. I suppose that's why all of those pioneer girls worked so hard on their embroidery samplers back in the day - to learn the technique.

I can hear the birds singing from where I sit writing this - that's always a good sign. 


  1. I'm so glad you made your chicken noodle soup--it looks scrumptious! I think you are doing so many good things for yourself while you mend--good reading, good food and drink, good crafty-bits. I did a linen bag with a variety of stitches on it back in high school. But, these days my chain stitch is anything but neat and tidy. Yours is beautiful!

  2. The country scene is sweet, and so are your french knots.


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