13 April 2013

barn notes : lambs are here!

We sure are lucky that our lambs are born with a soft layer of warm wool, because the snow was flying today on our visit to the farm. My parents have worked very hard these last three weeks as shepherds. All of our lambs are happy and thriving - and we don't have any bottle-fed lambs this year. That means my mom and my dad don't have to get up every three hours in the middle of the night to feed a baby lamb. 

We also got a new shipment of yarn from the fleeces of our lovely sheep. This yarn is worsted weight, and it is so soft that even the mill commented on it's quality. That feels good - but it (the yarn) feels even nicer against our cheeks and in our hands. We're already planning projects and keepsakes. You can find it here.

1 comment:

  1. I always hate that I miss lambing season. I love the subtle color contrasts provided with yarn pictures, especially the one on etsy with the coppery penny "inlet". Stay warm.


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