24 April 2013

the in-betweens

The "in-betweens" are that place in a creative project when you're neither here nor there. Many creative decisions have been made to lead you in a certain direction, but you may be uncertain as to where the project will ultimately end up and how you'll - um - tie off all of those loose strings.

This is also defined as creative risk-taking for introverts such as myself. I may not be rock climbing or pedaling in the bike lane, but I do put myself out on a limb every now and then. I'd say the real risk here is investing precious time in something that doesn't turn out, or isn't what I expected in the first place.

That's also the beauty of trying something new. Starting, exploring, wobbling, building confidence, skipping, jumping, making mistakes, moving on - creating a good life. To get all that you have to go through the "in-betweens." It's like I'm always stuck in a creative person's Bermuda Triangle. Stormy seas, bugs in the biscuits and shark infested waters - but there might be an island with a sunny beach and palm trees just over the horizon . . . here I digress. (I'm never really getting out of this boat.)

The lovely lace cowl comes from the Sock Yarn Studio pattern book that I shared in a previous post and the yarn is our own, of course. It can be found here in many wonderful colors and hues. I finally finished my Rose Quartz mitts, you can bet I'll be happy to have those at Shepherd's Harvest.

Have a lovely evening everyone, I'm wishing you smooth sailing.


  1. The girls are both sleeping, I'm glad I decided to take a peak at your blog before I settled in for the night. Always fun to see how much progress you are making on your projects. Jen

  2. Lovely photos and projects! I'm specially drawn to your "Growing Takes Grit" sampler,... so beautiful!

    1. thank you so much! This is my first attempt as designing a pattern and it's turning into something nice.(I hope.)I'm going to make the pattern available in our shop . . . as soon as I work out all of the kinks.

    2. I was hoping you did so, it is truly lovely!!!

  3. It turned out beautiful! I can't wait to see what you end up doing with that lovely little piece of embroidery. Also, the cowl is just gorgeous. Emerald green? Beautiful!

    PS If I recall, you learned how to knit backwards first :) Now look at all the magic you create with those needles!


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