09 April 2013

a spring nest

Impending winter storms have me building a safe and warm spring nest here. Like a little bird I've been collecting bits here and there to keep me occupied while the weather outside is nasty. My husband and I will still have to venture out to work - but once we're home for the evening, we're not going to go far.

I got my tomato seeds planted last weekend. I'm hoping to have some success with two types of tomato plants: Italian Heirloom and Black Krim. According to the seed packet the Italian Heirloom tomato is easy to peel and ideal for slicing and canning. The Black Krim is a Russian tomato named for an island in the Black Sea. (Very exotic!) These gems come to fruition in mid-August - probably because of their colorful Russian heritage. I ordered these seeds from Seed Savers Exchange. I just love flipping through their seed catalog.

I've been baking and working on my embroidery project. The peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are great! I didn't have any vanilla, so I added a dash of cinnamon to the mix. Experience tells me that shouldn't have done much - but cinnamon and peanut butter kinda go well together in certain circumstances. Lamb stew was also on the menu last week. I loaded it with carrots, celery, potatoes, mushrooms, garlic and onions - and topped it off with some brown sugar.

Okay, we can get through one last winter storm, right?

1 comment:

  1. between the cross stitching and the last one (yummy) I can't pick a favorite.


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