07 April 2013

spring has arrived!

It feels like spring has arrived to me - at least I wanted to lighten up the image that greets everyone when they visit Tendril & Twine. The old header had a long run and a lot of personal significance. The yarn in the image is some of our hand spun and the photo was snapped on the old hardwood floor of my parents' 100 + year-old farmhouse before it (just the floor) was torn out and replaced with new flooring.

This new image features one of the handkerchiefs that my grandma Lois gave me as a wedding present. (Many of the frills and pretties that are featured on this blog have been passed down to me from family.) Initially I was going to wrap the handkerchief around my wedding bouquet, but that didn't work out, instead it sits on my desk reminding me daily of my grandmother and frequently appears in this blog under hand knits or tea cups or poetry books.

The description of my blog has changed over the years as well, as I continue to grow and re-define myself. I like describing myself as a "displaced farm girl." I did grow up on a dairy farm here in Minnesota and my parents still reside there and farm, though things have changed since the 80's - it's sheep and spinning now, instead of dairy cows. Change is good, but it's nice to have places and people that pace us a we grow - remind us who we were and encourage us to be who we are now.

Thanks, Mom and Dad. For the farm and for . . . everything.

1 comment:

  1. It is an absolutely beautiful header, sweetie! I love the bits of history you give, too. Helps us appreciate it more than just the initial simple elegance of it!


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