27 June 2011

still life with garlic

The irony is my life has been anything but still this past week. I've been busy with the garden, work and - of course - all of the knitting projects I have halfway complete.

I saw this arrangement of bowls and vegetables on my table the other night and snapped a quick photo. If I were a painter I think I would be interested in how the garlic shoots and onion skins compliment each other.

Luckily, I'm not. No time!

Rhubarb stalks are also beautiful when they curve around the base of painted ceramic bowls. At the start of the weekend I tried out a new recipe for rhubarb banana bread.

When G was away at training over the winter the freezer became jammed with over-ripe bananas waiting for a recipe, but regular ol' banana bread gets boring after awhile. (Even with chocolate chips.) Adding a few cups of diced rhubarb to the batter, along with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, sounded like a new twist on an old favorite.

I also sprinkled a mixture of brown sugar and pecans over the batter before popping the loaves into the oven. They turned out delightful. I'm having a piece now, with a cup of mint tea. Here is a link to the recipe.

Knitting is also going well. I'm flying through the cabled front of my Aidez sweater. I think G is getting somewhat resentful, though, of us always having a piece of knitting between us when we settle down to watch some tv for the night.

Here's another view of the long panel of cables that runs down the front of the cardigan. I'm really loving the seed wishbone pattern and the ear of corn twisted stitches. It took me a few tries to get them right, but now I have the pattern memorized.

This yarn really makes the cables pop. It's a new colorway that my mother had spun up this past spring from her flock of CVM romeldale sheep. I believe I shared a few images of the fiber a while back, but here's another shot.

Contact tendrilandtwine@gmail.com if you're interested in procuring some of this wonderful fiber for yourself.

The gals are very busy munching grass and growing more.

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