22 June 2011

cabbage patch socks + bean blossoms

My eyes keep catching on the pale purple accents on my cabbage and ornamental kale. This soft purple color also appears in the pair of home spun socks I'm knitting right now. I brought my project out to the cabbage patch this morning to snap some photos.

I left the "spin" in the yarn. This means I didn't set the twist before I started to knit these socks. So all of the stitches slant somewhat and there is a definite direction to the finished piece. I like this visible tension in the stitches.

I also found a few varieties of cabbage worms on my cabbage. One was bright green, the other was a pale gray-brown. Time to dust my cabbage leaves with some food grade diatomaceous earth. This has worked for me in the past. I forgot to do this about a month ago when I put the cabbages in.

Everything has grown about a half a foot over the past few days because we've received over 2 inches of rain here in the twin cities.

I need to get a rain gauge out in the garden so that I can track this more accurately - though the slugs nibbling on my zinnias should be enough of a confirmation to tell me we're a bit soggy here in Minnesota.

This is the ball of pot dyed combed top before I spun it into fingering weight single ply yarn. It reminds me of the blossoms that appear on peas and bean plants.

Some blossoms appeared over night on my snap beans. Soon I'll be harvesting beans and glazing them with brown sugar and red wine.

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