23 June 2011

poem pillow

This afternoon finds me at my kitchen table with a jelly jar of wine and my computer. Pots are simmering on the stove and bananas are thawing, waiting to be baked into a bread. It's my day off, which means I sat around in my pajamas knitting until just about noon and then rallied my forces to run errands and prep for dinner.

This project is one I've been waiting to blog about for awhile. I gifted it to my cousin Ashley (often a model of my finished objects on this blog) at her bridal shower this past weekend. It's the poem pillow from Larissa Brown's Knitalong. This is the second time I've made this project and I'm just as thrilled by the results.

I had to practice my penmanship here and make sure that all of the poem would fit on the pillow. The poem I chose to use is Mary Oliver's West Wind # 2, a special favorite of the women in my family. I read this poem at my sister's wedding reception.

While this project is a fast knit, it requires many additional skills: sewing and weaving. I had to dig into my craft supplies to find the additional tools that I would need to piece it all together. I found amazing tidbits in my craft box.

And here are the results. Something that Ashley and her future husband Jeff can treasure forever. (Well, I don't know how keen Jeff will be about the pillow . . . but Ashley's a knitter, so she will take good care of it.)

Congratulations you two!

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