07 June 2011

wild columbine + other stories

Gardeners are some of the most generous people out there. They seem to always be willing to share stories about their own mishaps and triumphs in the garden. Most are also willing to share clippings and plants from their garden beds to those novice gardeners who need somewhere to start.

Yesterday I went to visit a friend from work. She had promised me some plants from her perennial beds and a tour of her garden. I left with three boxes overflowing with lilies, dahlias, columbines and ornamental grasses.

The collection of images above come from my garden and kitchen. The radishes I planted in April are finally bite size and therefore good enough to toss in a salad. I planted one of the wild columbines near our front steps in a shady place. I hope it will bloom this year, but all of the other columbines seem to be blooming right now, so I may have missed it. (There's always next year.)

The spill of carrots and potatoes in the bottom row were an opportunity for me to harvest some rosemary, thyme and chives - plus some shallots and garlic from last year - and roast on the grill. The hibiscus blossom comes from an ornamental tree that my sister gave me last weekend. I put it on the front steps to farewell and greet me as I come and go.

Hope your gardens are spreading their roots.

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