14 June 2011

more work on the garden

Yesterday I was out in the garden all day. G and I agreed that I was going to wait for him to get home from work (to go over the cleared patch with the tiller one more time) before I dug in. But I woke up yesterday morning, took one look at the plants waiting to be set in the ground and I just couldn't wait.

Here is some of what I planted. Saffron yellow yarrow, golden sedum, lemon verbena, lavender, maroon and magenta coleus, fragrant pineapple sage and two varieties of prairie grasses.

Are you catching onto my fragrant theme? Most of these plants give off a calming and refreshing aroma. As I weed and tend to this garden I want to be surrounded by wonderful fragrances. The butterflies were already flitting over yesterday to check out the garden.

So far this is what it looks like. I still have some annual grasses to plant around the edge and more dianthus to put in, but it's coming along nicely. These plants just need to find their roots and I'll soon have a beautiful garden on this side of the yard.

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