15 June 2011

9 lives of a ball of yarn

Sometimes it seems like some projects have 9 lives.

They start out as one thing and end up as another. This yarn (from the Kaffe Fassett Regia design line) started out as a sock. I wrote about this phase of the project in a previous post over a year and a half ago when I brought it to my cousin's wedding.

The sock was never finished and the project teetered in knitting limbo for about a year until . . . my sister announced she was pregnant. Then I unknit sock and started knitting a baby cardigan. The project was almost complete, when I ran out of yarn.

And then the project got stuffed back into the far corner of the closet again because school was starting and my sister was only two months pregnant at that time. Didn't I have all the time in the world to finish this project?

Baby's grow slow . . . right?

Not our Hannah. She's already wearing 9 month clothes and she's only around 6 months. I hurried to finish this sweater a few weeks ago and sent by mail to my sister's house. Now Hannah can wear it out on chilly summer evenings.

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