02 June 2011

the girls

I missed spring lambing at the farm this year, because of my crazy schedule at school. I missed the lambs jumping around the barn and racing up and down the barnyard. I was home this past weekend and we took a walk out into the pasture.

Sheep are strange animals, sometimes they'll ignore you like you're not even there (unless you're waving a bucket full of grain) and other times they'll come sprinting toward you like you're a long lost bosom friend that they haven't see in years.

Last weekend we got one of the sheep interested in following us out into the green pasture and the rest of the herd followed at a sharp trot. The bottle lambs were mostly interested in surrounding my mother and discovering if she had a bottle to feed them. Since she didn't they left her after a few inquisitive rises onto their hind legs to paw at her hands for the bright green grass.

Here some of last year's lambs are playing on one of my dad's manure piles. They like to play king of the hill and are very entertaining to watch. All of our sheep are coated from the earliest age, so their fleece is protected year round.

We still have some of this past springs skirted fleeces available for hand spinners as well as 2011 spring lambs for sale. Please inquire at tendrilandtwine@gmail.com.

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