24 May 2009

a napoleon in the garden

 . . . be a _________ in the kitchen, a __________ in the bedroom and a napoleon in the garden. 

I'll allow you to fill in the beginning of this phrase according to your own discretion and mood. Mad Lib your hearts out. Various words will do, but I think the last part of the phrase holds true. 

I have discovered planting a garden takes a lot of strategic planning and maneuvering. Certain vegetables compliment one another, onions and marigolds form a good front line and its always a good idea to have a bumper crop of sacrificial eggplants. 

Call me a cold-hearted general . . . a napoleon even . . . but since I don't believe in dumping toxic chemicals on my plants, strategic planting, 'marigold foot soldiers', and bastions of onions and garlic are my primary defense. 

(Of course an electric rabbit and deer proof fence doesn't hurt either.)

P.S. As you can see - despite the 'friendly fire' -  I'm managing to get some cables done on my mittens. Yesterday, I lost them in the strawberry patch, but no worries, I found them after some frantic searching.  (I also discovered a bunch of lovely blossoms.)

P.S.S. I order many of my seeds from Seed Savers Exchange out of Decorah, Iowa. I swear, every seed holds true and you can't beat their selection. Tally ho!

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