18 May 2009

fiber hive

It was waiting on the doorstep when I got home from work. A nondescript cardboard box that I all but fell upon as soon as I saw it. As some of you may know, we've been waiting anxiously for this delivery: the first batch of this season's washed and combed CVM romeldale top. 

I didn't know what to expect, but I was expecting big things and big is what I got. Can you believe the size of this fiber hive? I took a picture of it next to one of the large trees in our front yard to illustrate its size. 

There's about fifteen pounds of fiber here, enough to keep me busy for quite a while. And we have two more colors coming back to us that haven't arrived yet. This batch spins up into a tweedy stone gray with flecks of charcoal and ivory.  

I am in fiber heaven and it sounds like the fast whir of my spinning wheel or a thousand bees in the hive. 

I want to make a little nest out of this fiber and live in it forever. But I expect I'll get too hot, so I guess I'll just spin it into lots of sweaters, hats and socks. 

My first project is going to be a lovely pair of cabled mittens. I'm spinning as fast as I can . . . you could even say I'm as busy as a hive of bees . . . so I should have something to share with you soon. 

P.S.  Inspired by the fiber frenzy in our household, my brother has decided that he wants to learn how to spin as well. He'll be joining the gals and me tomorrow night out on the front porch of our local yarn shop for a little impromptu spinning lesson. 

Should be an educational week here at tendril/twine. 

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