30 May 2009

here's looking at you, kid

I spent last evening watching Casablanca and making paper crafts. 

Knitters often put so much effort into their knitted projects that there isn't enough time for fussing with the wrapping of the gift they've invested their creative energies in. 

It's true, at the end of many of my knitting ventures I often end up shoving the finished knitted object at its recipient with little more than an incoherent grumble and some choppy gestures. 

I gave myself a lot of leeway on this project. 

As I mentioned in a post a few months ago, my sister is getting married this spring. (In two weeks, to be exact.) Tonight we're having a girl's night out and tomorrow there's a shower at my cousin's house. 

My sister's colors are all shades of blue. I tried to wrap this gift with her colors in mind. I like the way the satin ribbon and the tweed yarn look against the brown paper wrapping. They say that god is in the details, and my sister loves embellishments and finishing touches. 

Knowing that this gift will soon be unwrapped I couldn't help but snap a few photos. I'm a sucker for anticipating the comfort and joy (I hope) she and her soon-to-be husband will get from this gift. 

I can't wait to share it with you all in just a few days. Cheers!

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