29 May 2009

i capture the crochet hook

Things have gotten a bit crazy here at tendril/twine as I attempt to finish everything on my 'to do' list before I start my summer classes at the University of MN on June 15. I always meant to learn how to crochet, now I am being forced to master some of the basic technique in a matter of days.

Single crochet, double crochet . . . I got myself a beginner's manual and attempted some of the knotted fingerwork with a hank of fine wool, but ended up with a piece of tightly worked knots that I will only be using as scrap . . . or perhaps a doorstop. Possibly a heavy duty pot scrubber. 

I had a far more generous learning curve when I started knitting, at least it wasn't as steep as a rock face. By the time knitting night rolled round I was quite proud of my (I shall dub it) slip stitch which I was generating with a lot of tugging and gritting of teeth.

My friends at knitting, many of whom are steady crocheters, were not impressed. All of my stitches were a fright and I was ordered to pull them out at once. I was then 'retaught.'

Luckily, the teaching stuck.

I can now merrily complete single and double crochets that actually look like crochet. My top secret project is now nearing completion. Too bad this blog doesn't have audio, I'd like to dub in a mad cackle. 

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