07 May 2009

bold knitters from fierce climates

I'm impressionable. One of the things that really struck me my first visit to Shepherd's Harvest three years ago was the women walking around knitting socks as they perused the booths at the festival. 

Walking and knitting at the same time. And socks no less! 

How did they do this? Many of them had children in tow, or perhaps a baby fastened to their back. How did they manage to look so serene and confident while completing a task that took me hours of steady concentration while planted firmly on my bottom with minimal and no distractions? 

How did they keep their fingers and stitches in order whiles somehow not dropping one of their needles, or, worse yet, dropping a stitch? (Or even worse worse yet: the baby.) I mean, I can see knitting a scarf, or a dishcloth, but socks? And every single person I saw was knitting a sock, I made sure to check. 

Is there some unspoken rule that if one chooses to walk around and knit at the same time, the best thing to knit is a sock without losing face? Some unspoken code amongst knitters? 

To discover these answers for myself I'm joining the throng this year. I'm going to attempt to walk around and knit a sock . . . well maybe for a little while. The moment I crash into someone or collide with a sales display I promise to stop. 

Here's a preview of my project, some hand painted yarn I made at my last knitting circle. I'm calling the colorway Mandan Bride, after some colorful corn I'm growing in my garden this summer. 

I started the toe sitting down, but I plan on knitting the rest standing up. 

(Maybe I'll be bumping into you at the festival this weekend.)

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