14 May 2009

flat out

A special thanks to Sandy of Winterwind Farm and all of the wonderful fiber-lovers who visited our stand at Shepherd's Harvest this past weekend. 

It's taken me a few days to recover, I can tell you that. Too much stimulation. Too much fiber, texture, color and fuzzy animals. As you can see I'm flat out. 

The curious may wonder if I managed to to find time to walk around and knit my sock as promised. The answer is yes, and boy did I get a response. Several people were very impressed with my knitting dexterity and I somehow managed to avoid diving into a display of discount yarn arranged in boxes spread out across the floor in the corner of building C. 

A very narrow escape. 

I feel compelled to be honest and fess up that knitting and walking wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. My eyes were drawn to the people around me and the displays of wonderful wares, not to my knitting project. I was relieved when I finally allowed myself to stuff my knitting in my tote and let my eyes devour the feast before me. 

It won't come around again for another year. 

As for today, the grass was very appealing. I was tempted, for a short while, to stretch out under the apple blossoms and just heave a sigh of relief. Spring is well under way, and summer just around the corner. 

We got a call yesterday, from our fiber people. Our cleaned and combed top is being shipped. All of our wonderful, earth-toned, shades of fiber ready for spinning and knitting. 

I'm just going to close my eyes and enjoy the anticipation. (As you can see, I've drawn quite an audience.)

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