27 March 2016

a good egg

Easter eggs and fabric scraps, orchid blossoms and woolly hats, this weekend has been crammed full of crafting and cleaning. We had a friend over on Saturday night for chili and a movie. I'm hosting my book club on Tuesday night, so I tried to get caught up on the cleaning, but I also had to take a quick trip to the fabric shop to pick out a few fat quarters for the quilt I'm working on. 

I think I'm going to make a scrappy trip around the world quit. I've seen some pretty inspiring projects on pinterest and it just looks like a fun thing to do with all of the 3" x 3" squares that I have laying around from all of the quilts I've made before.  I really like the black diagonals and how the quilt appears to spiral if you lay out the blocks a certain way. I still need to get more fabric - a few more whites and blacks, maybe a pop of orange and warm purple. 

I'm not sure, but I know when I'll get there, right?

Here's my inspiration: buttentreelane, Iamagingermonkey and trudys_person on flickr.

Logan's wearing that cute hat I knit for him this fall. So much fun! Lots of colorful scraps of wool. His eyes are going to be blue, I think. What a character! Looking back on that post in October . . . if only I could have imagined those eyes and that face. That precious little head that would be wearing this cap. I had no idea the depth and the breath of the love that I could feel for him. Now he wears that little cap with the goofy tassel and just gurgles and grins at me. 

What. A. Blessing.

Ug, is it Monday tomorrow? So much left to do!

Hope you are all on top of everything, I'll cheer you on if you're not - I'm right there with you!

xo Jill
P.S. Joining Nicole at Frontier Dreams!


  1. So much to love in all thee photos. The circular quilting looks really effective on that inspiration quilt.

    1. Thanks, Julie - yup I'm going to do cicular quilting again. I love it!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, I've got to hurry up and let him wear it, because he's growing so fast. It's going to pop off soon!

  3. So many wonderful crafty things here. Great idea the eggs and crayon drawings, the beanie on your cuddle pie is so cute and I just love those bright colours in your quilt. Your little one is just devine.

  4. Dear Jill,
    sometimes I'm reading here in silence.
    Can not talk in english so good, but understand what you are writing about.
    Like your view for the photos, like your colors, your knitting, like to see your pets and your family. Sweet little babyboy <3
    My children grow up, both are men now, but the babytime is stil near to my heart.
    Greetings from Germany,

    1. awww! This touched my heart! Thank you for your kind words :) :)

  5. My boys are a bit bigger but that love gets more and more! I love his hat, he is a blessing :-)

  6. What a sweet baby! And I love your trip around the world idea. Enjoy

  7. he is adorable in his hat and his eyes are so endless and beautiful!!

  8. Your photos are always so beautiful!! And Logan is utterly adorable. Great job on the hat!


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