09 March 2016

my favorite part

"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, 
and creates a vision for tomorrow. "

Melody Beattie

I'm so grateful for the time that I've had home with baby - sixteen weeks! With the birth of my first child my life has been completely transformed. I was joking with my husband the other day that this change in my heart and head has been so drastic that I hope I still remember how to do my job when I get back to the office. I know most parents understand this feeling of transformation. All of my priorities have shifted toward a new focus of keeping my family safe and secure and raising a healthy child. 

And somehow squeezing my creative projects in . . . 

I'm almost finished with my star quilt. I've got the binding on and I would be sewing it to the back of the quilt, but I only have polyester thread that matches it and I don't want to use that. I read somewhere that polyester thread lasts longer than the cotton material and ultimately it will end up "cutting through" the weaker fabric. We can't have that happening after I put so much effort into this project.

Baby and I will be making a trip to the store either today or tomorrow, so it will have to wait until then.

I've already decided on my next project after I wrap up this quilt. It's going to be a pretty pink baby sweater. The yarn is wound and waiting. I think this soft pastel color looks so pretty on babies. Their skin is so fine, it just seems to glow in soft colors. So I can't wait to get started on this project.

My husband found an orchid sale and brought me home two plants. I have one in the kitchen and one upstairs in my studio. I love their friendly and exotic blossoms.

xo Jill

P.S. I can't decide what my favorite part of a project is - finishing it or starting it. What's yours?


  1. I love the process. I like being in the mist of a project. My senses are heightened.... Being creative brings out the best in me... I believe. Love the orchids.

    1. I agree, Jenny. I also like giving what I've made away too! Makes room for more creativity!

  2. I love starting a new quilt, hate the basting and quilting and love hand sewing down binding. I always use polyester thread, I have heard that too about it cutting through fabrics, but I suspect my quilts will have to be around for a long time and have a very hard life for that to happen. How sweet of your husband to bring you orchids.

    1. I'm already thinking about what fabric I have in my stash and what I can make next. I think I'm going to use that polyester thread that I have to sew down the binding today. I don't want to drag baby to the fabric store and like you say - I would take a long time and a lot of hard use to ruin the quilt. thanks, Julie!

  3. such a stunning quilt, it's absolutely beautiful!! And those are very pretty orchids, the photos here just lit up my day. I was just saying to my husband how quickly the baby stage goes so fast... they are little babies for such a short time, and I love the baby stage!

  4. I know! Our little guy is trying to grow up so fast. He wants to sit up by himself. Every I set him down in a semi-reclining position he does these crunches to get upright and them promptly falls over - but the desire is there to not stay a baby. He fell asleep on me last night with his legs tucked up like an infant and I was so grateful for that moment, because he's growing so fast. Thank you!

  5. Such beautiful things! The quilt, flowers, baby. So sweet:)


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