18 March 2016

star quilt

"We began as wanderers
and we are wanderers still
we have lingered long enough
on the shores of the cosmic ocean.
We are ready at last
to set sail for the stars." 

Carl Sagan

I'm so happy to tie off all of the loose strings on this quilt and wrap it up. Finishing this quilt was one of the major goals for my maternity leave (that and to keep baby happy!)

I accomplished both. (Baby is currently napping in his crib, a major accomplishment.)

I've only made a handful of quilts in my life, but after completing this one I can say that I'm officially addicted. I especially like the machine quilting part, that was a lot of fun.

I wish I had some stats that I could give you on this quilt, but I've had the fabric forever and I got it from multiple sources, even garage sales. I forgot what type of batting I used, but I know I want to choose a better quality next time, because it was very thin.

I really love the back of this too! I can't wait to start my next one.

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xo Jill


  1. Love your photo shoot, very beautiful. congrats on your new little one. Thin batting is fine as long as it's for quilts. Cotton or a blend give you that fun shrinked look. Your choice of quilting contrasts well with your quilt design and back!

    1. Thank you! When my husband saw the photos he was like - wow! a quilt with legs :) :)

  2. Love the giant star. Great job.

  3. I love this - both sides!! I have to try circular quilting one day.

  4. Great quilt, and the circular quilting is wonderful - I've only just tried it myself and I love it!!
    Congratulations on the new baby - enjoy your maternity leave, wont you.

  5. Beautiful quilt and quilting. I love taking pictures outside, and the surroundings look great.


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