05 April 2016

the purple flowers

It must be spring time because the purple flowers are popping up beside the sidewalks and in the ditches along our favorite walks. The weekend was here and gone in the blink of an eye. It started out blustery, but ended on a warm note so baby and I had a chance to get out with the stroller and the dog for a nice long walk.

I'm working on the new quilt that I talked about in my last post. I went and got a few more quarter yards of fabric so that the colors are just right, now I'm working on sewing the six by six square rows together. I started to feel sick on Friday, so by Saturday I was really dragging as I was trying to put this thing together - a sure sign of illness for me - lack of creative energy. By the time Monday rolled around I was a positive troll - hacking and coughing. (Logan, meanwhile, who had been sick earlier in the week, was on the mend and happy.)

Long story short, I've stayed home sick the past two days. We've taken the baby to daycare so that I can just sleep, but my coughing fits have made that kinda hard to do. We are being introduced to a whole host of new viruses from Logan's daycare playmates. Logan seems to rebound much faster than we do - however he did have his first ear infection last week. I know we're all on the mend because I've found the energy to blog again :)

I think some of my issues are just adjusting to being a working mom. It's exhausting! Going to work and caring for baby, husband and house take a lot of energy. It's hard to find the time for anything else, and of course there are a lot of creative projects that vie for my attention all week long. If I only care for baby and work, I feel dull. If I wear myself out I get sick. I'm hoping that I'm slowly building up endurance to juggle all of these balls with more grace.

Family first (and crafting) and the rest will fall into place.

So that's where I'm at. That beautiful cathedral facade is something I see every day. The St. Paul Cathedral. I park my car beside it and then walk into work. I snapped that photo of it's pink facade in the sunrise one day last week.

xo Jill

P.S. I forgot to talk about the books that I've been reading. I just finished "The Last Anniversary" by Liane Moriarty, which I would highly recommend and I picked up "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed. My book club is reading "All the Light We Cannot See" this month by Anthony Doerr and I'm really excited about that. Happy reading!


  1. Feel better! Excited to see your quilts.

  2. Hope you get better soon. Lots of Vitamin C and echinacea to keep your immune system healthy helps. Love that photo of the Cathedral - such glorious colours reflected on it.

  3. oh no, I'm sorry to hear you were so unwell!! It's true about the bugs that the kids bring home, I keep hoping that if I can get Lila into a better hand washing habit we can reduce it, but little kids don't care about washing their hands! Stunning photos, and the quilt is looking great!

  4. Oh no! It's so hard to go back to work, and you're right that daycare is a cesspool of germs. Logan will be hardy and healthy when he's older, though, and the kiddos who haven't been to daycare will be disasters when they start school. Working, being a mom, keeping up with things, doing activities you enjoy -- it's a tough mix. It took me a while to get back to normal (a new type of normal) after baby #1; baby #2 is now 7 months old, and I'm still frazzled (moving twice in the past 8 months didn't help, though, esp. since our new house needs a lot of work). Hang in there!


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