14 March 2016

up at the farm

Up at the farm this weekend.

We crammed a lot into a twenty-four hour period of time.

We dyed enough yarn for me to make a sweater.

We went for a long walk through the spring fields.

We snapped photos of my finished star quilt. (Stay tuned for my next blog.)

I put on some mud boots and explored the farm for some pretty pictures. The cats followed me everywhere. The sheep stood and stared at me.

We had a nice dinner with family.

We watched "Spy" with Melissa McCarthy.

Baby and I snuggled in a strange bed for the night. (Spooky and fun.)

Woke up to coffee and cookies, packed up our bags and headed back to the city.


Hope the weekend was good to you.

xo Jill

P.S. Back to work for me tomorrow. Gah!


  1. Looks like a lovely weekend away. Those cats look like they are real characters.

  2. Thank you, Julie! They are barn cats, but they are always up at the house peering in the windows. They aren't very good mousers yet so my parents feed them cat food, thus they follow us around everywhere. That's okay though, true barn cats are pretty aloof :)

  3. what a fun time at the farm!! looks like good memories were made. )


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