29 January 2013

birthday girls

The note in the book above reads: 

Jill, here is the some mace so that you have it if you need it. (heart) Jen

Do you have someone in your life who leaves you notes like this embossed with strawberries? I do. My twin sister. I found this note the other day when I was sorting through my box of old letters. Now it's tucked within the Jane Austen novel I'm reading. (Sense and Sensibility - in case you were wondering.) Every time l look at it, I smile. That's quite a combo, mace and strawberries, and only my sister would come up with it.

I took some time this weekend to tend to some of the quilts that she has given me over the years. This quilt is a decade old - a traveling gift to take with me when I spent the school year in England.

The work continues on my knitted blanket. At one point I was going to finish it off with a four by four square placement of the blocks, it's a baby blanket after all, but I decided that it wouldn't be big enough so I'm adding a row of squares to two sides, plus another square where the corners meet, so I won't be finishing this project up anytime soon.

That's okay though, I like to knit the pieces. I can usually get one done over the course of a movie or one episode of Downton Abbey.

Happy Birthday, Jennifer! I can't wait to celebrate our birthday together. (heart) Jill


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