02 January 2013

baby sweater

A tiny project started and finished in less than twenty-four hours.

New Year's resolution collage: yoga, fun and games with family, fiber time and long walks collecting natural artifacts.

A drawing of my mother's given to me on my graduation.

Something tasty for a New Year celebration.

Back to work today, after a long stretch of days off playing in my studio with yarn, paper, words and paint. Snow started to fall this morning at about the same time that I was getting off my train downtown. I watched the fluffy flakes fly outside the window of my office as I was working. The flakes got caught in the updrafts from the traffic and they swirled, paused and plummeted to the pavement to melt under the bootprints of the pedestrians. (I couldn't actually see all that . . . but that's what I imagined.)

This is a new project that I started on Monday and finished on Tuesday. (More photos to follow in subsequent posts.) The pattern is easy to follow and a fast knit. I only had one skein of Blue Sky Organic Cotton so I cast on fewer stitches and did fewer repeats than the pattern called for. It's a very soft, plush knit. Any mama would be tempted to put it on their newborn . . . which sometimes isn't the case, I feel, when it comes to wool. I'm biased toward wool, however - but it's always fun to knit with something different every once in awhile.

It's almost been a year since Garrett and my wedding. The sparkly bits in the bouquet have kept well - so have the memories. 

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