14 January 2013

2 black cats

Sunday turned into a cozy afternoon of crafting. With the temperatures well below freezing, Ashley and I filled our laps with warm projects. Sorry Chewy, that's actually the cat in my lap along with my embroidery, but she was also warm and soft if not mischievous.

Some hand-dyed wool from the farm. This is our 40% mohair 60% CVM romeldale wool blend so its soft and warm too. This batch of combed top I find particularly easy to spin. It must the the mohair that makes it slide through my fingertips so fast and smooth.

Speak of the sheep and they appear. Here are some images from my last visit to the farm. I'm sure the sheep are even rounder and woollier now.

I wonder what little creature might build their nest in this tree? Some leaves, moss and soft feather down could make it a nice winter nest.

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