05 January 2013

anniversary (#1)

Work in progress. (The sweater too.)

I made this dried flower arrangement with with dill and poppy blossoms from my garden. I added some sparkles to catch the light.

Handmade wedding presents that bless our married life each day. The quilt from my sister and the embroidered pillow cases from my childhood neighbor Louise.

The baby sweater is coming together nicely. I still have to decide on the buttons.

Garrett and my anniversary is this upcoming Monday, but it was a year ago this weekend that we got married surrounded by our family and friends in my hometown. When I think back to that day I remember the light through the stained glass windows of the church, the feel of Garrett's hand holding mine, the giddy (completely satisfactory) feeling of being in the perfect place with the perfect person at the perfect time. (Sigh.) I've tried very hard not to overload this entry with photos from my wedding.

My grandma fell and broke her hip last week, so I spent today with my mom and cousin visiting her. She's in good spirits and healing nicely. I'm very grateful for that. From there we hit a major sale at the craft store. I got some supplies, so you'll be seeing some different types of projects here on Tendril & Twine. I've been thinking a lot about my great-grandma Leona lately. She made many many blankets, quilts and pillows. I'm going to try to re-create some of the gifts that she made for my sister and I when we were little girls.

Hope your weekend is filled with fulfilling projects and activities.

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